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Air Ambulance IMSS

In some situations, utilizing a private Air Ambulance to transport a person in need may not be the most optimal or cost effective method. This is why IMSS - International Medical Support Services, a member of Aerospace Medical Association ( has created a new division called IMSS Commercial Escorts which solely focuses on commercial medical air escorts.

An unexpected illness or injury during your travels may prove to be one of the most stressful situations you will ever have to deal with. Getting home to familiar faces and loved ones has just become a complex event requiring special care and planning by medical professionals and support staff with extensive knowledge of the international and domestic commercial transport industry. We are your solution for an all-inclusive plan to get you where you need to be.

IMSS Commercial Escorts is a bed to bed medical assistance service specialized in medical evacuation and repatriation of stable patients utilizing commercial travel anywhere in the world. First Class seating on domestic flights, Business Class seating on international long-haul flights are reserved due to the patient’s medical needs and comfort. We work with sending and receiving medical facilities, insurance companies, airlines and most of all, you, to ensure a seamless process.

IMSS International’s air medical escort team consists of highly qualified and experienced physicians, nurses and paramedics with extensive emergency and/or critical care backgrounds to provide medical care and personalized assistance during your transport. They have been trained in flight physiology for special medical needs which may occur due to effects of high altitude travel. They are supported by a team of communications specialists and flight coordinators to ensure timely and seamless logistical support. We go out of our way to customize an assistance package to fit your needs.

Our service puts you first with a personalized touch to give you peace of mind during your journey home.


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